Download windows 10 pro (official iso image) free

When done, the MCT will ask what language, architecture, và Windows edition you wantfor your ISO image. By default, the MCT will use your local language and architecture, but you can unkiểm tra Use the recommended options for this PC checkbox khổng lồ select other options.When done, cliông xã on theNext button.

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You will now be asked if you wish to lớn create a bootable USB drive sầu or a Windows 10 ISO. As we are creatingan ISO file, select the ISO tệp tin option & pressNext.


You will now be prompted lớn select a location khổng lồ save sầu your ISO tệp tin. Select a thư mục lớn save the ISO file khổng lồ, & then clichồng on theSavebutton.The Media Creation Tool will now create the ISO file in the specified location. Please be patient while the tệp tin is created.


When the Media Creation Tool has finished creating the ISO, you can cthảm bại the program by clicking on the Finishbutton.


You will now have sầu the lachạy thử Windows 10ISO image tệp tin saved khổng lồ your folder, which can be used for virtual machines orto lớn create bootable media at a later date.

Method 2: Download the lakiểm tra Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft

When you go to lớn Microsoft"s "Download Windows 10"page, you are only given the option to lớn update to a new version using Windows Update or to lớn using the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.

However, it is possible khổng lồ triông xã Microsoft"s Windows 10 download page inlớn offering an ISO image instead by changing your browser"s user agent to a non-Windows operating system.

To tải về the lakiểm tra Windows 10 ISO image, please follow these steps:

Cliông xã on the Chrome thực đơn, thenMore Tools,and then clichồng onDeveloper tools,as shown below.


Now press theCtrl + Shift + Mkeyboard combination khổng lồ open the Device toolbar. This toolbar lets you impersonate another device, such as a điện thoại phone or a tablet. When switching to lớn another device, it also changes the browser"s user agent, which the trang web uses khổng lồ identify a visitor"s operating system.Clichồng on the menu that showsResponsiveand select máy tính bảng iPad or iPad tablet Pro so that you can view the page better.


When you first select one of these devices, the screen form size will be mix to 50%. Please change it lớn 100%, as shown below, so that you can see the website page better.


Now press the F5 key on your keyboard to lớn refresh the page, andMicrosoft"s site will now offer you the Windows 10 ISO instead of the Media Creation Tool.Now click on the drop-down arrow under "Select edition" và select the "Windows 10" option under the name of the lademo feature update. At the time of this article"s writing, the latest version is Windows 10 20H2, otherwise known as the Windows 10 October 2020 Update.Once selected, cliông xã on theConfirm button.

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After a few seconds, Microsoft"s site will now ask you lớn select your ISO"s sản phẩm language.


Select your language and press the Confirm button again.Finally, you will be asked whether you want lớn download a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Windows 10 ISO. Most people want lớn download the 64-bit version of Windows 10.


When you click on the download button, you will be asked what thư mục you wish to save sầu the ISO file, as shown below. After selecting the thư mục lớn save the ISO, clichồng on theSave button to download it.


The current ISO image is 5.8 GB, so it may take some time to tải về depending on your Internet connection tốc độ.

The ISO download links generated by Microsoft"s site will remain valid for 24 hours and be shared with other people during that time frame. After 24 hours, the links will no longer work, & you will need lớn create a new one again using the above steps.

What should you bởi vì with the ISO?

Now that you have sầu a copy of the latest Windows 10 ISO image, you may be wondering what you should bởi vì with it.

This ISO image can now be mounted in virtual machines to tăng cấp a Windows installation or install a new one. You can also extract the ISO tệp tin to lớn find a particular Windows system file.

Finally, you can use the ISO image and a không lấy phí utility like Rufus or Universal USB Installer khổng lồ create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive sầu.

However, if the goal was to create bootable truyền thông media, it would have been easier tohave the Media Creation Tool make it for you,as explained in the steps above sầu.

Once you create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive sầu or Windows 10 DVD, you can use it to perform a clean install of Windows 10. A clean install is when you completely reformat a PC and reinstall Windows 10, so you have a clean installation of the operating system without any additional software or drivers.

Another comtháng use for bootable Windows 10 USB drives is that they can be used as a recovery environment lớn remove sầu malware and troubleshoot Windows 10 crashes, bugs, and freezes.

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