Magi the labyrinth of magic season 3

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is an adventure anime series adaptation of Shinobu Ohtaka"s Japanese manga.

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The story revolves around three characters, namely Aladdin, Alibacha, và Morgiana.

Everything we know about Magiso far

We all love khổng lồ see different worlds, don"t we?

Full of magic, the anime introduces us khổng lồ the Dark Continent from where Morgiana belongs.

We also get to see the native kingdoms of Aladdin và Alibaba.

The name of the characters reminds me of Arabian Nights.

And indeed, the story of the anime is heavily based on Arabian Nights.

The magic, the adventure, the action, the mystery, everything keeps your eyes wide open & forces you khổng lồ binge-watch the series.

The anime ended on a rather weird note. Alibatía enters inlớn the new World created by Sinbad & tries to lớn reunite with his friends & that"s it.

It has been so many years and yet we haven"t got another season.

We haven"t even got an answer lớn our question, "Will there be a Season 3 for Magi The Labyrinth of Magic?"

Therefore, we decided khổng lồ hunt for the answer ourselves. Shall we begin?

Official Announcements và Release date of MagiSeason 3

I know, I know, this is the part you people are most excited about, isn"t it?

Don"t worry, I will answer all your questions. As a starter, I would have khổng lồ say that there"s a lot of uncertainty around the production of a third season.

Till now, there is no official news about season 3. Internet & social truyền thông channels where creators are active sầu have sầu no updates about Magi at all.

So, we have to lớn resort to lớn our own analysis và figure out whether season 3 will happen or not.

We have already in late2021, & yet there"s no news.

If you"re a bạn of the series, you are already aware that the last episode of Season 2 aired in năm trước, right?

So now you see, it has been a long time since then.

Sometimes it seems quite unlikely for another season even after 5-6 years.

There is a hell of a lot of other factors like source material of the anime, popularity details, reviews and ratings (which is no wonder, great), expected plot of the anime, sales and profit margin etcetera.

If we analyze all of these, we will definitely get some lead on whether there will be a 3rd Season, or, is just a wish that we are cherishing for years and will never be fulfilled!

Stiông xã with me, and let"s do this together as fans of the anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

Source Material Information for Magi Season 3

The anime series is an adaptation of a manga series with the same name.

It was written and illustrated by the Japanese mangaka Shinobu Ohtaka.

The first volume of the manga was published on July 3, 2009.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1August 13, 2013
Volume 2October 8, 2013
Volume 3December 10, 2013
Volume 4February 11, 2014
Volume 5April 8, 2014
Volume 6June 10, 2014
Volume 7August 12, 2014
Volume 8October 14, 2014
Volume 9December 9, 2014
Volume 10February 10, 2015
Volume 11April 14, 2015
Volume 12June 9, 2015
Volume 13August 11, 2015
Volume 14October 13, 2015
Volume 15December 8, 2015
Volume 16February 9, 2016
Volume 17April 12, 2016
Volume 18June 14, 2016
Volume 19August 9, 2016
Volume 20October 11, 2016
Volume 21December 13, 2016
Volume 22February 14, 2017
Volume 23April 11, 2017
Volume 24June 13, 2017
Volume 25August 8, 2017
Volume 26October 10, 2017
Volume 27December 12, 2017
Volume 28February 13, 2018
Volume 29April 10, 2018
Volume 30June 12, 2018
Volume 31August 14, 2018
Volume 32October 9, 2018
Volume 33December 11, 2018
Volume 34February 12, 2019
Volume 35April 9, 2019
Volume 36June 11, 2019
Volume 37August 13, 2019

An interesting thing to lớn notice here is that the date of the last published volume is October 2017.

Do you remember the last episode aired in 2014? That means the source material has not been exhausted right?

But is there enough of it for another whole season lớn be created?

yes, there is. Season 1 và season 2 total covered 198 chapters of manga but in total there are 369 chapters.

If we assume each season covered almost 100 chapters then there are 171 chapters still left for season 3.

So, here we are getting a positive sầu signal.

What about popularity?

Popularity Details of Magi Season 3

Oftentimes we see the desire of the fans doing wonders.

How vì chưng you ask? If there is huge popularity amongst people for Season 3, vị you think the creators will not take this chance?

They definitely will. But for that to lớn happen, we need to make sure that the fans are raving for it!

Is that the case here? Who can tell us about it better than social truyền thông platforms và Google right?

Search Volume

Monthly tìm kiếm is a genuine metric to know the actual number of people interested in Magi season 3.

As expected there are significant searches for magi season 3, with total global searches around 23K.

The majority of these searches come from the US (15k). There is no surprise at all. For almost all anime the US is the home for searches & interest.

Now get your hopes high. Let"s move forward.

Google Trends

What"s the trend? Is there any?


My goodness, are we going through some kind of "bad luck" phase?

I guess we are! I mean just look at it.

The trkết thúc was at its peak just a few months ago in December 20đôi mươi.

It has been going down continuously and now there"s almost no trkết thúc.

Or at least not enough for another season I"m sure.

Guys, there"s still a lot left okay? Don"t thảm bại hope yet so quickly!

Twitter and Instagram

Twitter & InstagramIs there a strong social presence?

Do you guys know how to write a BIG NO?

Because the answer to the question is indeed a BIG NO!

They haven"t even bothered to lớn open a social truyền thông media trương mục for neither Twitter nor Instagram.

I don"t why, but a huge section of the older generation has yet not realized the power of social truyền thông.

Never mind, that"s not our business. We need to take a look at the tín đồ pages if any!




You know what? Before heading over khổng lồ Reddit I was literally singing the tuy nhiên "don"t let me down".

Don"t let me down!" God, I can"t stop laughing at my own self!

Anyways, did Reddit let me down? Yes, and, No. The page Magi The Labyrinth of Magic is having 9.9k followers presently.

So no, it did not let me down because it is comparatively higher than Twitter & Instagram.

Yes, it did let me down, because 9.9k isn"t attractive sầu for another Season khổng lồ be created.

What am I supposed to lớn do now? Wait, we need lớn kiểm tra the online reactions of people as well, don"t we?

It"ll be fun I can assure you. And please vị not leave me in the middle of the process.

It feels so disheartening!

Online Reactions for Magi Season 3

Online reactions are another important factor lớn decide for next season. How people are reacting matters a lot khổng lồ the team of any series.

Reactions may be sometimes wrong but looking at different platforms will surely give sầu the right answer.


Once again we come baông xã to you, dearest Reddit. I"m in a good mood lol!

What vày people say about the anime? The ironic thing is that whatever they had to say has been told in the year năm trước and this is 2021.

Do you think it matters now? I don"t know. Yet let"s give it a look, at least we will get lớn know what they think about it.

Or, better, what they used to lớn think about it!


This person cried when Season 2 was over? That"s so touching.

You are the one we were looking for sweetest. Did any of you cry as well?

I"m so much interested khổng lồ know. Now, are you not excited lớn know about the expected plot of Magi"s The Labyrinth of Magic Season 3?

I"m dying to mô tả it with you guys.

Expected Plot of Magi Season 3

In the last few episodes, we see Alibacha enter the new World created by Sinbad.

If the creators take it up from where they left us, we will probably see Alibaba searching for his friends and then the reunion of the trio.

In Sindria, Alibatía, Aladdin, và Morgiamãng cầu will train themselves khổng lồ increase their abilities for a mission.

They will work together to lớn confront the mysterious organization Al-Thamen.

Wondering what Al-Thamen is? I am afraid I can"t tell you that.

No, it"s not a secret. It"s just that I myself don"t know about it.

I will have sầu lớn read the manga khổng lồ know that, but I prefer lớn wait for Season 3 instead.

No matter how long it takes :)There will be a lot of mysteries ahead so tie up your seat belts and get ready for the upcoming adventures in Sindria with Alibacha, Aladdin, and Morgiana.

reviews and Rating Score for Magi Season 3

Thankfully we got something to lớn keep us hoping. I almost felt as if people don"t lượt thích it anymore.

But this cheered me up, more so because the Review was not given years ago.

It is just a few months old. A sigh of relief!

Sales and Profit Informationfor Magi Season 3

Is there anything in the world, that can be done without money?

Of course, there are, but they aren"t materialistic, are they?

They vày not involve huge financial budgets. The creation of an anime most certainly does.

If the creators of the anime or the manga have been losing money in the second season, rest assured there won"t be a Season 3.

Therefore, we need lớn find out about their profit margin.

And when I say "their profit margin", I mean that of the anime creators as well as a mangaka.

Manga Sales

I have sầu got a surprise for you people, và it is huge.

As of the year năm 2016, the manga has had over 28 MILLION copies in circulation.

Eyes open, jaws dropped! 28 MILLION? Oh my lovely God, thank you for this.

And the best part is, the manga became a huge commercial success only after the release of the anime adaptation.

So now we know it was mainly for promotional purposes which were successful.

The mangaka has not yet stopped producing volumes for the series.

So, maybe when there are enough volumes published, the creators will take it up for another season.

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The success being so huge, the chances are high as well.

DVD/ Blu Ray Sales

To determine the sales và profit margin of the anime, we need lớn know the number of Blu-Ray disc sales.

Total blu-ray sales of the anime are 1,473 while DVD sales stood lớn 2,283 so in total, we had 3756 sales.

This number is for season 2 while for season 1 we have sầu 2885.

With the rise in popularity of online streaming platforms, the sales of Blue-Ray discs have sầu gone down.

Presently, anime is available on platforms lượt thích Netflix and Crunchyroll, và I guess most of the profit comes from there.

Idoubt that sales are any svào. The only option is to lớn speculate, & I guess we aren"t interested in wasting our time speculating things.

What bởi vì we have sầu next on the menu?

Merchandise Sales

Run a tìm kiếm on Google or any other tìm kiếm engine & you will see there are a lot of products available related to lớn the anime Magi The Labyrinth of Magic.

From T-Shirts khổng lồ gifts và a lot more on platforms lượt thích Amazon, Redbubble, etc.

If you"re a huge người and are interested in getting one, you can easily kiểm tra them out.

Famous Characters we expect lớn meet in Magi Season 3

Do you love any character from magi? Are you craving to lớn see them again in the next season? Who are they?


Morgiamãng cầu is a pure-blood Fanalis from the Dark Continent. She is a descendant of the red lion, with red hair & red eyes.

These are typical character traits of all Fanalis. Morgiamãng cầu rarely talks, but we can"t ignore the fact that she does not always behave sầu like this.

She can be extremely furious and violent. One stomp of her feet can break the ground.

That is crazy!!! She suffers from some kind of inferiority complex.

This is mainly due to everything she has gone through all her life.

According lớn her, she can never become an Empress because once she used to lớn be a slave sầu.

This shows how much she has been impacted by this.

Although she mostly seems to be tough, she does have her own moments of being vulnerable.

This happens mostly, whenever something happens with Alibatía. By the way, I guess you already know that Alibatía is her love interest.

Morgiana always tries lớn be useful lớn people who are cthảm bại to her và protect them.

And to lớn her, the only cthất bại people are Alibacha & Aladdin.

This has affected her mentally & mostly she feels she is useless.

It feels very bad thinking about her. This is just fiction, but it"s not that it has never happened in real life.

People have had such lives. They were treated no better than animals.

Hands và feet locked in chains, serving their so-called "master"s".

How horrifying the world had been. Thank God we weren"t born baông chồng then.

Some of us might have had the same fate.


Alibacha is the male protagonist of the anime. He is a kind young man with average height & blonde hair.

Alibacha is shown to be cunning in the beginning, but gradually we see hyên ổn opening up to lớn be a caring person.

He meets Aladdin when he was working as a cart driver and they soon strike up a friendship.

Guilty of destroying Alibaba"s goods, Aladdin plans to repay his debts by conquering a nearby "dungeon" full of treasure.

Excited by the idea of being rich Alibatía joins Aladdin in the treasure hunt.

Throughout the series, we see him growing closer to Aladdin và Morgiamãng cầu.

Together the duo saved Morgiamãng cầu và helped her break the mental chains of her former slave sầu master Jumail.

And then they were three! Alibabố is a very skilled negotiator.

He has had the privilege of getting high-class education. Therefore, Alibabố is a very skilled person as well as a good communicator.

Wondering how he got such high-class education? He was born in the slums of Balbadd right?

Yes, but he was the son of the King of Balbadd.

Years after Anice"s death, he was taken to lớn the palace by the King and was taught maths, physics, economics, and all the other subjects by great teachers.

Then how did he become a cart driver? Well, he eloped from the palace, & to support himself financially he became a cart driver.

Now you know his history. Let me introduce you all lớn Aladdin.


Aladdin"s past is not much known, but later in the anime, we get to know that he is the son of King Solotháng & Queen Shecha of Alma Gotten.

Although Aladdin does not know much about worldly affairs, he is a wise man.

How can he? Until the day he escaped with Ugo, he had never even seen the outer world.

All he knows is the Room of Fortitude and Ugo.

He might not be aware of worldly affairs, but he is very wise compared khổng lồ others of the same age.

Aladdin is also a magician. He met Alibabố a few days later when he was on a cart with a few other passengers và Alibaba was the driver.

They connect instantly & both cốt truyện each other"s dreams. Aladdin"s dreams were lớn conquer the "dungeons"" which according to hyên ổn are full of treasures.

By the way, we also see that he has a very bad habit of stealing food.

Aladdin, along with Alibacha, helps Morgiana lớn escape from her master Jumail.

Other Decisive sầu factors for Magi Season 3

We know about the characters, the popularity of the anime, the sales, and the profit margin.

We have sầu also seen the Reviews và ratings of the anime.

There is only one factor khổng lồ be dealternative text with. What is it?

The ending of the series. If we have sầu had a proper ending, there are very few chances of another sequel.

But, if the ending was not good, or wasn"t complete, the chances are better.

So, it is very important lớn see what happened at the end of Magic The Labyrinth of Magic Season 2.


In the Final Arc episode, we see Alibacha Saluja, journeying khổng lồ the new World created by Sinbad.

He tries hard lớn find his friends Morgiamãng cầu và Aladdin.

And that"s it? Did he find them? What is the new World like?

The show left all of us on a cliffhanger & is not ready for another sequel.

This is cruel for the fans. We want to lớn know what happens next.

We demvà a proper ending. The manga is not yet over, so naturally, the storyline of the anime cannot be over too.

Let"s hope for the best.

The Controversy surrounding the Anime

Okay, let"s get straight into lớn it. There are literally no such controversies around it.

Everybody toàn thân knows it is heavily based on stories from the Arabian Nights và that"s alright.

Most of the storyline is fictitious. There are certain aspects of the anime which giảm giá khuyến mãi with cruelty in the real world, lượt thích slavery.

It is universally acknowledged as one of the most disgusting acts by the human race.

There"s no denying it. Moreover, slavery is just a small part of it all.

So, there isn"t anything controversial related khổng lồ Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic as of now.

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With no word from creators, Wait for magi season 3 will be longer & we need to be patient because there are enough source material & popularity for the creators to think about it.