Canon Lbp 1210 Driver For Windows 7 64 Bit Social Advice

Download Driver Canon 1210 for Windows 7, Windows 10, 32Bit, & the lachạy thử 64Bit. The driver is a driver that helps khổng lồ connect the computer & the printer smoothly, so that you can print documents from the computer khổng lồ the printer.

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When installing a new printer, in addition to lớn connecting with the computer, we need to install the Driver that is compatible with that printer khổng lồ be able khổng lồ use the printer. The driver is a driver that helps lớn connect the computer & the printer smoothly, so that you can print documents from the computer to lớn the printer. In this article, will guide you to lớn tải về & install Driver for Canon 1210 printer on windows 7, windows 10 32bit và 64bit.


To download Canon LBP1210 Driver, access the following link:

After accessing the link, select the version of the operating system you are using, then cliông xã Download khổng lồ download the driver to your computer.

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After downloading you will get a .exe cộ tệp tin as shown below, double-cliông xã the file to lớn extract.


After extracting, we will have a directory as shown below:


Now you connect the printer to the computer and proceed with the printer setup steps.

Step 1 : Right-click the My Computer icon & select Manager, then a new window will appear, select Device Mannager,


Step 2 : On the right side, you will see the Unknow Device section , right-cliông chồng and select Update driver Software


Step 3 : Select Browse my computer for driver software


Step 4 : Select Browse then select the Driver folder unzipped in the first step & click Next. Then the system will notify success và we have sầu installed Canon LBP1210 Driver.


Above sầu is a tutorial on how to lớn download và install Canon LBP1210 Printer Driver, hope you will find the article useful. Good luck!

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