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Already stumbled across Compile error in hidden module while using Word or Excel?Don"t thua sleep over it - here are some easy fixes that are guaranteed to lớn restore your files in no time.

Bạn đang xem: Solutions to compile error in hidden module in excel or word


Select the listed Norton Antivi khuẩn software, và press its Uninstall button.Then click Yes khổng lồ remove sầu the software.

Xem thêm: Top 10 Phần Mềm Quay Phim Màn Hình Miễn Phí Tốt Nhất 2021, 6 Phần Mềm Quay Màn Hình Miễn Phí Cho Windows

One of these resolutions for the Compile error in hidden module error might kick-start Word or Excel so that you can launch them again.

Some of the more general tips in this post for fixing MS Office applications that don’t open might also come in handy for fixing the hidden module issue.

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